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ESLI WATER TREATMENT COMPANY was established in 1997 in Antalya and has carried out numerous projects in the sector of local and international industrial and sewage treatment with its 15-year of experience. ESLI supplies all kinds of water treatment equipments and designs special systems. ESLI is the most significant manufacturer and wholesaler company with the best and fastest service quality in Turkey, and has 7 offices in total consisting of the Head Office and the factory in Antalya and branch offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bodrum and Kocaeli. It also has a wide range of product groups and stocks with 6 warehouses in these cities. As ESLI team, we have enough stocks of all widely-used water treatment equipments and merchandise with many industrial companies both abroad and in Turkey. All kinds of filters, softener systems, RO systems; surface water, sea water and well water systems; UF systems, UV systems, deionisation systems, degasifications, EDI systems, waste water treatments, chemical dosing and ozone systems, under-sink RO systems, all kinds of pumps, engines, membranes and vessels, all kinds of analyzers, electronic and automation systems, resins, sands, carbons. Our expertise skills in quickly understanding the market requirements allow us as ESLI COMPANY to offer new solutions constantly by improving and innovating our products and processes and by introducing new products and services every year.
Sementa Textile is one of the leading premium and high quality men/women ready wear and underwear producers in Turkey. We produce large and diverse variety of products under our own brands. Furthermore, we do private label production for Turkey's very known brands. We also export our products overseas beside private label products for brands in different countries. Our selection of the best yarn and fabrics, modern designs, high quality control standards, fine finishing and reasonable prices is the reason of our success over 45 years. History : Sementa launched in 1974, producing ready wear. In 1990, it first served with the work of its tricot machines and in 1992 it became the locomotive of the tricot sectors of Ankara and Turkey. Today: Sementa textile has been a trusted address for ready wear,tricot, sport clothing and underwear productions because of its quality and service understanding using the possibility of the last technology. Sementa Textile garment departments take great care in all stages of production. Their hard working and precision quality control, rise of success chart which product in factory. It serves to its consumers with its expert management staff and 600 personel. In these technological tracks, ready wear department capacity is 1.200.000, underwear capacity is over 1.5 million and tricot department capacity is 600.000 pieces in a year. Sementa The company is keeping a close eye to World fashion trends and with the help of its creative designs following these trends together, it reflects its own line o its productions. Recently, Sementa sets up retail shops under its brand name all over Turkey. reaching 22 stores (Istanbul, Ankara, Kirikkale, Samsun, Konya, Antalya, Bursa, Malatya, Kayseri) and number yet to rise. We are also looking forward to launch overseas stores in the near future by cooperating with solid local partners in these countries.
As Lamia we manufacture and supply flour, fruits, vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, feeds, sunflower oils, cooking oils, garments, textiles, sugar, wheat, machines, machineries, construction materials, marbles, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, toys, meybuz, fruit juices, fruit, vegetable, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, citrus fruit, tomato, feed, sunflower oil, cooking oil, garment, textile, machine, machinery, construction material, marble, fertilizer, organic fertilizer, toy, fruit juice...
"We are willing to introduce us to you. As Oz-Fa export; we are dispatching our first quality products from Turkey to Israel and most of Europe countries. You may contact with us from our contact number and e-mail adress that in site. If you are willing to benefit from our experience and our quality, we will be ready for your wishes.” We have 3 warehouses; Antalya, Mersin, Malatya Our products; Pear, Quince, Citrus Fruits (lemon,grapefruit, orange, mandarin), Grape, Melon & Watermelon, Chestnut, Peach&Nectarin, Capia red, Capia green, Bell pepper Hungarian, Leek, Tomato, Zucchini white, Zuchhini green, Eggplant, California pepper (red&yellow), Tomato vine, Tomato cherry vine, Cucumber, Onions, Purple Onion
Sufagro is a leading company has been located in Antalya and has a large sales network around Turkey and has been exporting products as well. We have special fertilizers for all kinds of requirements and also we produce natural fungicides ,nematicides and ecological products as well.We consider zero and high yield with full line of Sufagro products.
DC Cosmetics began operations in 2007 in Antalya being tourism capital of Turkey and the world. Our brand has been recognized in the market in a short time and has begun to supply products throughout Turkey with consumer taste. Subsequently, we have increased our production capacity by establishing our factory in Gebze with the latest technological machinery and serial production lines.
AGT (Advanced Technology in Wood Industry), starting out with the dream of processing and developing wood products customized for individual and corporate requirements in 1984 in Antalya, is operating
Ozturk Narenciye was founded in 2017. Ozturk Narenciye, concentrating on fruit and vegetable exports to Russian Federation and Belarus in the first year following establishment, gave importance.
ITM INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO TOBACCO PRODUCTS IMPORT EXPORT MANUFACTURING TOURISM TRADE CO. is a TOBACCO company as the fastest growing one having head office in Antalya recently. Turkey, which has an important place in the world in tobacco production is one of the best tobacco producing companies in the tobacco market. To achieve a significant market share in the tobacco market, especially in the international arena to announce our brand so that domestic and foreign capital investments in Turkey and converting it to work, we aim to be an example in the international arena. Our aim is to provide continuous development with the participation of all employees and suppliers with our high quality and technology. In this sense, we care about our employees in our workplace, support our team and ensure their maximum motivation. While we are focused on our customers with quality awareness, we respect local and cultural values ​​and reach our target with our understanding of sensitivity to environment with our understanding of high responsibility.
Our company which was established in 1987 in Antalya Industrial Site has been operating in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone since 2007 in a closed area of ​​9000 m2. Our company manufactures dust collection systems, industrial fan, dam and tunnel molds, various steel constructions, 33, 40 and 50 grooves, small and large U, small and large gusseted products and serves in the field of production, installation and consultancy of wire finishing and fence systems of our patented products, orchards (apple, pear, quince, kiwi, pomegranate, plum, cherry), vineyard systems (seedless grapes, wine grapes, table grapes). Our company, which has guided the principles of the right business, delivery on the day, customer satisfaction since the day it was founded, has completed its works on time and with success.